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25 October 2010 @ 04:35 pm
Writer Sign-up  

Welcome to nine_verse. We are pleased that you would like to assist us in our project by writing ‘episodes’. Writing is one of the most important roles in this project because without the writers, there would be no way the storyline would be shared with the rest of the fandom.

Expectations for writers will include:

  • Commitment to a long term project. We can organize the deadlines around your personal schedule, but there will still be an expectation of commitment. Though we are currently taking sign-ups, the first fics will not be posted until early 2011 (Maybe, March or April).

  • Writing a self-contained adventure fic of 5,000 words or more (lengths exceeding 25,000 words need to be cleared with the organizers) that is tied in with the greater connecting series arc.

  • Work within certain set parameters, and be willing to revise according to direction of the organization team, as need. You are welcome to use your own beta, but the organization team will have the final say, which could mean major changes to maintain the underlying plot.

  • Regularly respond to status posts with updates on your progress, letting us know as soon as possible if a deadline will be missed. (a staff community will be created if enough people are willing to help with this project)

  • Provide a summary of your fic to the continuity managers who will be keeping track of storyline.

  • You will also be required to post your fic using a specific format to nine_verse during your posting period.

If you feel you should be able to do these things, or you think will be able to, please fill in the following form.

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